Frequently Asked Questions

Episode 1

Episode 1 is complete and making the festival circuit. It will be released to the public as part of our World Premiere and Summit event in September 2023.

Visit the Events page to find select conference screenings before then.

Episodes 2-4

Production is complete on the remaining episodes (all filming and music) and Ep 2 is about half-way through editing and graphics production. After editing is complete, there is voice over, color correction, sound mix, legal, and insurance. The timing depends on funding. In a perfect world where Brad didn’t need any time off for a day job, I’d estimate 4-6 months per episode.


I can’t stress enough that we have a very strong sense of urgency and are doing our best to finish as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality – and quality is vital to this project’s credibility and ability to garner widespread attention.


Wow! Thanks for asking! Deets are at

Note that we have filed our own non-profit paperwork so that your contribution can we tax-deductible in the US without giving 5% to our fiscal sponsor beginning hopefully March 2023. 



It would be amazing if someone could donate their skills and time pro bono to help manage emails and social media or grant writing.