The newest hope for cancer
may be one of the oldest.

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Siddhartha Mukherjee

CANCER/EVOLUTION relates a chapter of cancer research too rarely discussed.

Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee
Author, The Emperor of Maladies

Revolutionary science wrapped in a compelling story.

Dr. Jason Fung
Author, The Cancer Code

It is critically important for anyone affected by cancer to view this documentary.

Dr. Nasha Winters
Author, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

About the Project

CANCER/EVOLUTION relates advances in cancer research from the 1920s to the present as told by the original researchers, their biographers and contemporaries. 

In a world shaped by an ever-changing swirl of social and political influences – from Nazism to corporate profits – our protagonists remain dedicated to advancing human understanding of cancer. 

  • Dr. Otto Warburg, an arrogant gay Jewish German under aegis of the Nazi regime, is arguably the greatest scientist of the 20th century. His discoveries are the foundation for the metabolic theory of cancer but were disregarded as his reputation declined and public interest focused on DNA.
  • Dr. Robert Weinberg, discoverer of both the first human oncogene and first tumor suppressor gene, co-authored the most cited scientific cancer paper ever published. His work resulted in life-saving advancements in chemotherapy and, many believe, helped cement the genetic mutation theory of cancer.
  • Dr. Paul Davies, legendary astrophysicist who has authored over 20 books on quantum physics, was commissioned by the National Cancer Institute to develop an "outside the box" perspective on cancer. His atavistic, or evolutionary, model of cancer supports the metabolic theory.
  • Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried synthesized and updated decades of reproducible but discarded research supporting the metabolic theory in his 2012 book Cancer as a Metabolic Disease. His work has launched a flood of new research and therapies.
Otto Warburg in his lab
"Otto Heinrich Warburg", by Georg Pahl, Courtesy Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-12525, licenced under CC BY 3.0

There are no individual villains in this story. Nevertheless, there is danger posed by systemic forces that would solidify failing theories into dogma.


The final episode of the series follows the oncologists and licensed practitioners leveraging new scientific theories to achieve real-world results. 

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