HowToHomestead Episode 1 review


OCT 12 2023
We are completely blown away and honored by this incredible review and testimonial of Episode 1.

Life's Best Medicine with Dr. Brian Lenzkes, MD

SEP 2023
A rare opportunity to dive into some of the "less evidence-based, more spiritual" aspects of Maggie's healing with our good friend Dr. Brian.

Boundless Body Podcast

Boundless Body Radio with Casey Ruff

SEP 2023
We were so happy for a chance to catch up on the past year since our first appearance on Boundless Body Radio! Its always a delight to chat and we can't wait for the next one. Watch the podcast at the link in our bio. Try to figure out what Maggie's doing with her hair in the first 2 minutes

Stage 4 Cancer Thriver: Using METABOLIC THERAPIES to Prevent & Treat CANCER on Ultimate Health Podcast with Jesse Chappus

JUL 4, 2023
Almost 2 hours of Maggie and Jesse talking one-on-one about cancer, healing and the upcoming docu-series.

Fasting Against Cancer | Dr. Mindy & Maggie Jones on the Resetter Podcast

JUL 3, 2023
Brad and Maggie were so honored to spend time chatting with Dr. Mindy Pelz about the benefits of fasting for cancer treatment,

Audience Feedback from the LA Documentary Film Festival

MAR 2023
We're overwhelmed to have won Best Documentary at the Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival. Even more touching is the incredible feedback from our audience.

Introduction Interview prior to KetoCon

APR 2023
Maggie appeared on the keto success story panel at the 2023 KetoCon in Austin, Texas. Beforehand, she enjoyed sharing her story with the conference organizer, Robin.

How To Overcome Cancer – Ben Azadi Keto Kamp Podcast

MAR 2023
Ben Azadi inspired our pants off at the Keto Symposium in New York with his powerful talk on the human body’s innate intelligence. He coaches many in our community and talking with him one-on-one was a dream.
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Spotify: https://spoti.fi/34nwla4
SoundCloud: https://bit.ly/2WimznQ
Stitcher: http://bit.ly/2Xc9D0g
Youtube: https://youtu.be/_TZ-tClPf_k

Boundless Body Radio Podcast

DEC 28, 2022
Thank you, Casey, for the opportunity to share our story and work on Boundless Body Radio. We’d previously listened to his interviews with our friends Dr. Thomas Seyfried and Kristina Hess, along with many other leaders in the metabolic health space. It was an honor to be included among their ranks. Watch or listen to the podcast on the Boundless Body site here.

Low Carb MD Podcast – Episode 252

DEC 8, 2022
It all started at the Keto Symposium in New York where we presented alongside Dr. Tro. We were blown away by his talk and knew we had found a kindred spirit and another inspiration to help us on our way.. Getting to spend an hour chatting with him and Dr. Brian Lenzkes of Low Carb MD was a dream.

My Home Vitality Podcast

APR 18, 2022
We had an absolute blast chatting with Shaun and Gareth from My Home Vitality! I don’t think we’ve ever had so many laughs about terminal cancer – and healing. While Maggie prefers to focus publicly on evidence-based metabolic therapies, this podcast was a rare glimpse into some of her more personal modalities.

Wellness Warrior Podcast with Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, the Breast Cancer Conqueror

MAR 15, 2022
Dr. Véronique Desaulniers’s story of cancer healing shares many parallels with Maggie’s journey and that of so many cancer thrivers. Check out this podcast in which we share our learnings and the latest updates on the documentary.

Pushing the Limits Podcast with Lisa Tamati

MAR 10, 2022
It was such a pleasure to meet Lisa Tamati and share our healing journeys and the latest documentary updates.

Health Longevity Secrets Podcast with Robert Lufkin, MD

MAR 3, 2022
We had so much fun chatting with Dr. Robert Lufkin about Maggie’s health journey, the film, and the metabolic theory of cancer.

Low Carb USA Podcast with Doug Reynolds & Pam Devine

MAR 10, 2022
We’re so honored to have been able to share our stories with Doug Reynolds & Pam Devine from Low Carb USA.

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