An overview of Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer & the Press Pulse Strategy by Dr. Thomas Seyfried, Travis Christofferson, et al.



This book is an overview of Dr. Thomas Seyfrieds scientific work, regarding that Cancer is a metabolic disease. It comprises

  • Transcripts of his talks and interviews that summarize all his most important points, as well as
  • A Presentation by his collegue Dr. Dominic D’Agostiono about the “Press Pulse Strategy” and
  • A thriller-like keto origin story by Travis Christofferson and Robb Wolff

Everything is illustrated with easy to understand images and graphs, as well as the scientific references.

Here the description of his scientific work:

“Cancer as a metabolic disease” addresses controversies related to the origins of cancer and provides solutions to cancer management and prevention. It expands upon Otto Warburg’s well-known theory that all cancer is a disease of energy metabolism. However, Warburg did not link his theory to the “hallmarks of cancer” and thus his theory was discredited.This book aims to provide evidence, through case studies, that cancer is primarily a metabolic disease requring metabolic solutions for its management and prevention. Support for this position is derived from critical assessment of current cancer theories.Brain cancer case studies are presented as a proof of principle for metabolic solutions to disease management, but similarities are drawn to other types of cancer, including breast and colon, due to the same cellular mutations that they demonstrate.

This book comprises the opinion of Dr. Thomas Seyfried regarding the metabolic nature of cancer. He states, that it is not genetic, but a mitochondrial disease.

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