Keto Flex: The 4 Secrets to Reduce Inflammation, Burn Fat & Reboot Your Metabolism by Ben Azadi



For more than a decade, Keto Kamp founder Ben Azadi has shared his unique point of view and expertise to help others become the healthiest versions of themselves. From understanding the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, and other ancient healing strategies, Ben’s followers look to him for his take on the most effective techniques to become healthier at the cellular level.

Ben Azadi has been practicing ketosis and fasting strategies for years, long before it gained widespread popularity, and if you’re looking for ways to calm inflammation so that your body can heal, you’ve come to the right place.

The answers lie in Ben’s 4 pillars to mastering keto. Using simple interventions―like diet, sleep, ketosis, carnivore, fasting and little-known but powerful hacks from hidden inflammatory keto foods to understand how to test glucose and ketones, you can decelerate cellular aging and enhance your body’s ability to heal and burn fat.

In Keto Flex, Ben asks readers to forget everything they think they know about the ancient practice of keto and takes them on a journey through cutting-edge science to examine the ways keto beginners and keto pro’s can apply this tool to upgrade their health.

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